Ladies mulching

Ladies mulching

A good layer of mulch over winter for a vegetable bed our hens can be multitasking!
After an abysmal 2012 our garden has acquired some undesirable occupants, in the form of “weeds” For me not all wild plants are undesirable as they provide a natural form of nutrient uptake which can be composted or made into a natural bio-available fertiliser, some like the 2 M high thistles are terrible to vanquish so Doug can do that!
Now it has been reasonably dry for a week or so gardening is a must do , all be it between writing and planning chapters of my 7th book.(no title yet)
If we are going to have these erratic weather cycles created by this recent repositioning of the jet stream, I have decided to create more raised beds in our vegetable garden so at least the brassicas, squashes and celeriac won’t have a swimming pool.
Our diet has suffered this year due to the absence of these vegetables for they are part of our staple diet and are superb in stews, soups, mashes and curries.

Stan our rooster has improved (partly due to Doug’s herbal concoctions) he requested an excursion to visit our ladies so we willingly deposited him in their spacious orchard and he slept with them overnight. He is having a personal spa this morning.
Back to work then homemade onion soup for late lunch.
The ladies had dust baths this week as it is incredibly dry and some did some mulching on the potato bed, every little helps!(see photos)

I will be putting up blogs relating to gardening(Eastern UK), Dogs, cats, chickens,, some wildlife including hedgehogs. Ebooks are a predominant part of my life I am on my 7th( yes I mentioned it previously) but I am just about to release the 2nd in the Luke Adams Investigates series, I shall keep a blog dedicated to the series and my individual novels, it will be separate to my lifestyle blogs.


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