Shackled – A gripping mystery unravelling a tragic and historic tale


‘Amelia had said the woman showed too much flesh; Catherine interpreted the comment as curvaceous and busty. She said the dress was garish; Catherine felt dowdy and plain. She said the woman desperately clung to his arm; she thought of Jack’s warm breath and sensual kisses.’

A heart wrenching mystery recounting the married life of Catherine, an isolated woman from the early 20th century, burdened by an indifferent husband, child deaths, accusations, disbelieving family, only supported by her modern thinking sister. With no one to provide enough moral support she makes a fatal exit.

100 years later Michaela inherits the house Catherine lived in, but not everything runs smoothly and the trail leads back to Catherine. She is driven to prove Catherine’s innocence, but it is an undesirable choice. Striven, she treads a distressing path.

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A big pile of work is next to me, which I should have finished ages ago, but didn’t. The reason? I got engrossed in ‘Shackled’. I got hooked right from the start and just HAD to finish reading it. And, although I somehow imagined how it would end, I was still surprised about how it really ended. What a brilliant book, thoroughly enjoyed it!
Now back to work …


About Honor A Dawson

I live in a rural location with my husband, dogs, cats and chickens. I love reading and writing, watching and playing tennis, swimming, and wildlife and nature.

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  1. Thanks for posting a book rec. I’m always looking for something to load on my kindle. Have you read the reviews of the new versions? They say they are better than the ipads and a lot cheaper. I’m checking out that book right now.

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