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Luke Adams Investigates . . .

Shift of Influence Duty and Denial

I have a new eNovel, the publishing date 29-11-2013 “CONCEALED LEVERAGE” book 3 of my Luke Adams investigates series.

Naturally I would encourage you to browse my stories on Amazon or Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Indigo and many others.

I suggest doing a preliminary read online or download the samples, it will aid decisions as to whether the NON GENRE nature of my material is suitable for you.


As a reader do you prefer to immerse yourself into a story dynamic? Do you enjoy some introspection, character roles and participation, live the emotional conflict in all the combinations that create our individuality THEN YOU WILL LOVE MY STORYLINES!

Take a good look, my main characters are strong, highly reactive, expressive, they are living characters! They exist to expand the story,and create an atmosphere that you the reader can feel! The plots are fast, even hectic at times but as you become familiar with my writing style they will not present any obstacle to your enjoyment. Woven with humour, danger,drama and romance, all blended for your delicatation!

Remember this is a private detective series,I do not oversimplify, the clues are there but small with the obligatory “red herrings”. My stories are not beach reads, if you put them down you’ll disengage and lose the storyline that acts as the pathfinder.

LADIES you will relate to both Luke Adams and Imogen Morrison they tease the heck out of each other! Luke is a modern man with the nature and good manners of an English gentleman. Imogen is a capable and observant young women, with a bubbly even effervescent personality, the tandem effect of this pairing, combined with their personal dilemmas enriches the plot as it winds through the story. You will be there on their plain of existence, thats the fun of reading, it becomes a personal world.

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Combining a plot with emotions

ShackledShift of InfluenceDuty and Denial

I  am a serious writer and whilst I insist on having a strong plot, usually a mystery, I also write about people, animals, situations, reactions, emotions, tragedy, love and romance. I also like to add a bit of humour and enjoy intrigue. Above all, I love to generate some pace to accentuate the excitement, so yes, I am guilty of creating page-turners.  I want to engage the reader, immerse them or even merge them into the story. This is all distilled as eloquently as I am capable.

My “Luke Adams Series” is as much about the detective’s life, experiences, emotional conflict and interaction as those of his client. What does this infer? First and foremost my stories are written from the viewpoint of both protagonists (Luke Adams and the client) along with the antagonists. The viewpoints are depicted in such a manner that you can understand and empathise with everyone involved. Realistically the reasons for the culprit becoming malicious or evil is as important as the hero’s reasons to act has a guardian of good.

So, as long as you’re not afraid of what drives us you will enjoy my books.

Give them a try. An absolute bargain at 0.99